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Paint for Mark Arellano @ The Moose

  • Moose Lodge 555 Canyon Del Rey Boulevard Del Rey Oaks, CA, 93940 United States (map)

Join Jessica and team Wednesday,  December 19th 6-8pm to paint "The Owl".  This night is about sending love and support to our dear friend, Moose Lodge Administrator and all around amazing man! Proceeds will be sent to his GoFundMe Campaign organized by his loved ones for his upcoming treatment plan to prepare him for another much needed surgery. He is in for a fight and he is absolutely ready for it with all of our love and help! We can host up to 150 painters so lets try to sell this one out!

Why we are painting The Owl: Owl energy can give you strength and courage. The Owl brings wisdom and it’s wings bring you to your higher self and an ability to see things from a spiritual perspective… THAT is why we are painting The Owl!

Pizza and paint party included in ticket price, drinks available for purchase at the bar.

Doors open at 5:30PM

LOCATION: Moose Lodge 555 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Del Rey Oaks

$35/person: All supplies included to paint your masterpiece.  Pizza included.

*sales tax included

*refunds not available for fundraisers

Below is an excerpt from Mark (full statement can be found on the gofundme page)
"My recent additional cancer diagnosis requiring treatment has reminded me that love, compassion and kindness is still the solution to adversity. Cancer is never selective about whom or where it strikes. I don’t have a fear of what the future holds because I have a secret weapon, a benefit that many others do not have. I have YOU , my extended family.

Some of you likely have heard me say my definition of a good life is when you truly KNOW that you are loved and respected and you have true love and respect for others. So by my own definition I am living one amazing kick ass life!

Through a series of visits and biopsies at UCSF i discovered that I have colorectal/anal cancer. Because of my super weak immune system, treatment options are limited for me right now. Doctor said that if my immune system was currently stronger I would be doing radiation now.

They opted for a treatment plan that included surgery at UCSF on November 14th. The surgery sucked big time. The pain is about unbearable. My hope was we were going to nip this in the butt, literally and move on. Didn’t work out that way, I am in need of serious treatment ASAP. .

Speaking with the medical team here’s the plan: 3 months of taking new cutting edge medication to get my immune system built back up. I have about zero immune system and I’m not strong enough for chemo therapy or radiation right now.
So i am going to fight to get healthy enough to start radiation in February.

I am going to focus on lots of bed rest to heal from surgery, doc said that can take 6-8 weeks to fully recover. While that is healing I will be doing new drug cocktail. I am going to continue to turn off my phone more often. Then I am going to fight like hell to get strong enough for radiation and another surgery. Sending positive energy and light is always appreciated.”

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